Love Quotes

Daily Quotes

Daily Quotes

“If you Make Mistakes it means You’re on the way to Success”


“Every time I close my eyes I dream of you”

Love Quotes

“My “Brother” is the best way of God saying me “I Love You”


“Focus on Where you want to go not on What you Fear”


“Keep Going, Everything you Need will come to you at the Perfect Time”

Keep Going

“Either you Run the Day or the Day will Run you”

Run the Day

“If you want to go far, GO TOGETHER.”

Go Far

“Do you know Why Pencils have Erasers; because; NO ONE IS PERFECT”

No One is Perfect

Attitude Quotes

” The Only Difference between a Good Day and a bad Day is your attitude”

My Attitude

“Dream Until you make it real”


“Time may be opposite today and everything seems to be Negative but I’am what I was. “Time” will prove it again someday”.


“I live with no excuse and travel with no regrets.”

My Rules

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

“Traveling from birth to death, we forget that between alphabet B & D there is one alphabet C which is “Choice”, choose success or failure choice is yours”

“Feelings are never Good or Bad, our thoughts and power of judgment makes them Good, Bad or Ugly, but Feelings will still remain Feelings.”

“Goal is the address of your success.”

“To Grow start accepting our own weakness first.”

Achievement is always connected with actions. Successful Men and Women keeps on moving. They make mistakes but will never quite.”

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