King with one leg

Always see the positive side

Always see the positive side

Once upon a time, there was a King with one leg and one eye, but he was very kind, intelligent and generous. Everybody in his kingdom was happy and healthy because of their king. One day the king was walking through the hall way of palace where he saw the portraits of his ancestors. While looking at the portraits he thought that one day his children will walk in the same hallway and remember all the ancestors through these portraits. But, his portrait was missing. Due to his physical disabilities, he wasn’t sure how his painting would turn out.

So next day he invited many famous painters from his and neighbor kingdoms to the court. The king announced that he wants a beautiful portrait made of himself to placed in the palace. Any painter who makes the best painting will be rewarded based on how the painting turns up.

All of the painters went into deep thought that the king only has one leg and one eye. How to make this picture very beautiful? It is not possible and if the picture does not turn out to look beautiful then the king will get angry and will punish them. So one by one, everybody started making excuses and politely declined to make a painting.

Suddenly one painter raised his hand and said that he will make the portrait of King which he will surely like. The king became happy hearing that and all the painters got curious. The king granted him the permission and the painter started drawing the portrait. He then filled the drawing with paints. Finally, after taking a long time, portrait was ready!

All of the painter and courtiers, were curious and nervous thinking, how can the painter make the king’s portrait beautiful because the king is physically disabled? What if the king didn’t like the painting and gets angry? The painter presented the portrait; everyone in the court, including the king was stunned.

The portrait was made with one angle in which the king was sitting on the horse, on the one-leg side, holding his bow and aiming the arrow with his one eye closed. The king pleased and impressed to see how the painter has made a beautiful portrait by cleverly hiding the king’s disabilities. After this he rewarded with great rewards.

(Always see the positive side)

Moral of the story: If we always look at the positive side of anything. And we always think positive in others by ignoring their deficiencies. Then the world is much more beautiful than we think. If we think and approach positively even in a negative situation. Then we will be able to solve our problems more efficiently and effectively.

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