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10 tips to excel in interview

10 tips to excel in interview success.

Are you invited for an Interview? After service for 10 years in the industry and counseling 100 of job seekers on how to excel in interview, we are here with 10 quick tips to excel in your next interview.

In 10 years of my career and interviewing 1000 of candidates I have observed that there are very basic mistakes which we do which in turn results in rejection. What to do to avoid these errors not much but ensure the basic things are in place.

10 tips to excel in interview

1. Start with knowing who you are and what you want

For all job interviews one common question is who you are? To answer this start knowing yourself, which means you should your skills, your strength and your weakness too.

2. Develop and polish stories that demonstrate excellence (10 tips to excel in interview)

Start developing your stories for your excellence. The strength you can bring up if you are hired.

3. Ask what to expect when you’re invited for the interview

It is very much important to know the requirements of a job for which you are invited. Also the level of interview you are going to face.

4. Conduct interview prep and practice

Write responses and do pre practice of interview for questions you or your friends and relatives can suggest. Try gathering as much as information you get.

5. Take your interviewing skills for a tryout

Do not forget both your non-verbal and verbal response. Remember your non-verbal responses are more important than verbal.

6. Dress for success

Very important is how you are dressed up? Your confidence will built up with the kind of dress you wear.

7. Carry extra copies of your resume to the interview

You never know your resume may get misplaced, very small but at times very important to bring extra copies of resume to avoid embarrassment.

8. Arrive a bit early to interview

Time management is one of the important sources of building the confidence; always ensure to reach before time. Preferred is 15 mins before the schedule time, so that you may relax a bit before you start.

9. Greet everyone you meet with respect — and a smile

Greeting everyone with smile is another tool of influencing your audience. Remember they are your audience and they have invited you to speak and show your skills.

10. Close the interview strongly

As the interview winds down, now is the time to ask probing questions (unless you have done so already throughout the interview). Asking questions shows your interest. These questions should come from your research.

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